Not getting raid invites

This morning I am not getting raid invites. I have multiple accounts and I was not seeing my own invites unless I was online the logged off then restarted.

It seems to be affecting others as well I tried to invite a friend to a raid and he could not see it even while online.
I am using a Google phone and when I tried to invite my other accounts, one is iOS and the other is also a Google phone.

I seemed to get rinchy invite fine, but I am not seeing them for mortem, Indo, it meio. I have not tried meg.


my whole alliance has been having that issue and when we do get the invs, it keeps saying the raid lobby expired right away

I tried Meg. You and I didn’t get that.

En nuestra alianza, tenemos que reiniciar el juego después de finalizar un raid, ya que si no lo hacemos la invitación para realizar otro raid no llega a nadie, esto adicional a qué si no estás en línea no te llega la invitación…

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In our alliance, we have to restart the game after finishing a raid, because if we don’t do it, the invitation to carry out another raid doesn’t reach anyone, this is in addition to the fact that if you’re not online the invitation doesn’t reach you…

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Hey Livfenris, could I ask you to email our support team at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at things on their end?


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Raids and invites are full of bugs
Today I havent done 2 raids because invitations are not shown why teamamtes invites its all crap

But hey we got new dinos while game is falling apart . Wohooooo

I emailed them to your link thank you.

Have to restart 2 to 3 times to receive and invite. Plz fix.


Same thing happening with my alliance ):

Same for the whole of our alliance, and no we aren’t all gonna contact support.

This is just beyond a joke now.


Ludia has known about this or 5 hours and jack all has been done. Amazing.

It’s been happening with my alliance and friends too. A temporary solution is that the one with the lobby sends the invitations and tells the others to join (via other channels), so you have to start/ restart the game and then the invitation appears.

I raid by myself with 4 accounts and today when sending raid requests to my other accounts, they would not go through. I had to reboot the game for them to show. Another alliance member had to reboot his game to have the invite show when I was helping them with the Mortem raid.

So raid invites and donations are messed up now.

I am also having this issue. I have tried several devices. Restarting the app occasionally causes the invitation to appear, but when I click accept, I am never taken to the raid lobby. Friends are also not getting invitations that I send to them.

Don’t worry guys, Ludia will fix it in 2 months time and you’ll get 100 hard cash :+1:

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Hi ned, it’s across the game - not for a single user. You would’ve seen the posts here, all telling the same.

Yep raids are broken. AGAIN

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Ned it’s everyone not getting invites. Whole game issue android and apple


Yep, I’m on Android and I have to restart to get them. It’s also affecting my iOS alliance mates.

Same problem. Affecting ALL USERS !!!