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Not getting response from support for 2 days and my rewards for DNA to complete daily incubator stuck ! I suspect it’s done on purpose so I can’t level up my dino


Ludia , I am posting this because no response from your support now adays and I have been sort changes in getting my DNA even I open 1 daily incubator with note ! This is not acceptable, it’s cheating and against particular players! I hope the whole forum see this and those who is having the same issue pls voice out


Hey there, @echiam_echiam, I’m sorry to hear that you still have been experiencing this issue and that you have not yet received a reply from our support team. Our support team responds to tickets in chronological order as quickly as they can. Our team will be glad to help you to the best of their ability, but in the meantime, we recommend that you do not send multiple messages or replies as this can cause your response to be delayed.