Not got right rewards in tournament from previous week

In advantage coin tournament I made 950 point and still I am not able to see my rank in leader board and I got only participants reward as I am in 5k players whick reward is 25k, also in this skill tournament I made points but still I see my no rank in leader board as it showing null.

You can see in pics that I made points but in leader board there null and I getting only participants rewards, please help.
Thank you


Hello Gerryghuman. Can you please reach out to our support team at with your support key included? They’ll be able to check out your situation.


They r saying my g mail message is queued.

If Gmail is giving you trouble Gerryghuman, you can also reach us in-game by tapping the ‘Help & Support’ button in the Settings menu and then the top right text icon.
Please note it might take a few business days for our team to get back to you. Thanks!

Already done this but no reply.

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