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Not happy with new trophy protocol

i just noticed, playing today, that badlands (where i am still stuck, for nearly a year now) it’s not as easy to gain trophies. Now, when i lose, i lose like 34, but only get 20 something for a win? so if you don’t win more than 50 percent, you’ll slowly bleed out trophies?

And, again, FIX the matchup protocols! half my battles today were against people with teams comprised of high level epics. there has to be a way to make sure the dino teams are at least competitive.

but mostly, you shouldn’t lose trophies when you win one then lose one. not in badlands…

It might be more than high-level Epic coming to visit you soon. I chose not to boost and am at 3400 and dropping, so you might have level 23 Unique to deal with in a short while.

Just giving you a heads up.

" there has to be a way to make sure the dino teams are at least competitive."

They are called Boosts and you could have purchased them in the store. Sorry if you missed the boat on the fire sale, some folks stocked up. Maybe they will offer them again.

I have the same problem as you - same arena for a year - Just cannot seem to break 4000, I have, twice and got my a#$e handed to me on the first battle there… I’m going up against higher leveled teams as well as higher boosted dinos… I’ve actually been relegated back to Sorna Marshes more times that I’ve broken the 4000 barrier. If it was balanced play I shouldn’t be easily losing 500 trophies…

VERY unbalanced.

The boost train out of the sinkhole has left the building… until ludia decides what there gonna do its gonna be a bit rough.

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A good way to slowly balance things out would be not to lose trophies at all… you should only be able to gain trophies…

That way, if you are that good, you continue to climb to the level that you should be fighting at… if you are at the area you should be fighting at, then you will slowly climb while still increasing your dinos until you hit the area that you can no longer climb and fight people within your difficulty range… win some and lose some)

Arena droppers wouldn’t be a problem in the lower levels, with all the new boosts, you would generally be paired against a team that is also boosted… so you can have a taste of your own medicine instead of always fighting the lower level players for the easy wins…

have a reset every 30-60 days to drop your team to the lowest trophy range for the arena you are in and start all over in the arena you are supposed to be in…

AI battles should not give trophies, but should provide wins for the daily battle incubator and the incubators for winning the battle…

As I see it, the only people that would complain about a system like this or similar would be those that are after the easy wins against teams that are no match for them…

That’s just my opinion though on the arenas… I haven’t battled since the boosts came out because I won’t buy boosts… only what is given free… and I don’t want to lose trophies because someone abused the boost sales and I just flat out didn’t buy any… boosted dino’s should be in a league of their own… not in the same mix as those that are not boosted…

The boosts just complicated things that are natural order. If your speed of leveling is slower than the majority of players you’ll find yourself falling behind in trophy till things get balanced. You might also have fought someone who got knocked down by someone who got knocked down by someone who got knocked down… By someone who boosted a heck load. It’s a chain effect. I felt it come to lockdown where I’m at. I’m sure it made its way to badlands by now. The effect will reverberate for months.

Ten minutes into this plan someone would spend a few hours falling to the bottom to then climb up to top trophies.

If you don’t lose trophies… how could one fall to the bottom?

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I misread the second part. Apologies.

So if you preferred a team of epics you were good with but in the top 100 in trophies you could stay there, battle similar lesser teams, and stay competitive at the top level? Or am I missing something?

Would trophies factor in to the matchups?

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no problem and no need for apologies… thought maybe I miss-typed something…

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Yes they do factor in match ups. In fact I think it has more factor. Otherwise people will just run lower lvl dinos and still win because they would be matched with others at the lower arena instead of near their trophy range.

But personally after the update I have been matched with someone 700 trophies below/above me.

Thanks to all y’all for your comments. And thanks for being kind and civil in them!