Not happy with update

I can understand the TP in the alpha chest and it’s new lack of runes.

The homecoming quest is EXTREMELY unfair. With every other homecoming we’ve been able to receive a dragon we can level up. This time if someone has bad luck at breeding they won’t even be able to do the second half!

Also the difficulty of getting duty chests opened has increased obnoxiously in my opinion especially since I see no notable increase in rewards. Many member’s wanted it to be a bit easier, the fact it’s now harder and the reward is the same almost makes the duty chests feel worthless.


Wow, so aggressive.

Do you really think its too much to ask that they give 2 or even just 1 of the 2* hybrid so that you could at least do stages 11 to 15? I mean you do realize that the chance of getting a hybrid from non-hybrid parents is about 1 in 5, right?. And you’ll need to get at least 2 different ones to do all the stage. And as far as we can tell the event only lasts 4 days or so not a week like the previous ones.

EDIT: There was a comment suggesting we shouldn’t ask for hand outs. (just so this comment doens’t seem weird)


just disgusting update, no energy in the chest, more difficult to set 2x, no runes in the alpha chest, just thanks, it became more interesting to play (but this is not so)