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Not happy


I have been struggling to get into arena six and now that I am there the incubators only give DNA from arena 5…Is this another bug?


No you just get dna from every arena up to arena 6 it’s very normal.


The incubators you have are probably still arena 5 incubators. Winning in arena 6 will give you arena 6 incubators with arena 6 DNA.


Umm no that’s not right at all. Each arena you reach unlocks new dinos, you then have a wider selection of dinos to obtain dna from. You don’t just automatically get your arenas dinos.


You are both kinda right, Heather more though. There is possibility that Adelito may still have arena 5 incubators which doesn’t contain arena 6 dna at all. Arena 5 incubator contains random dna from every arena below and so does arena 6 incubators etc.


Yeah it would make sense if I got DNA from all the arenas…but all the last incubators have given me only from arena 5…even if it is random selection…it wouldn’t give me only arena 5 DNA all the time


Yeah I’m aware if it’s an arena 5 incubator it’s not gonna give you arena 6 dna but from the sounds of it he’s talking about several?


There is no random selection when it comes to incubators… maybe drop rates… and stygi geb 2 and irritator gen 2 have the highest drop rate… im more convinced its algorithm based… ive gotten exactly 20 raja dna out of my last 3 8 hour incubators and twice out of a 3 hour incubator… im not randomly getting this bonus dna… that happens to be the same dino every time.

I feel like its an algorithm telling me my luck has change and i need to buy an epic incubator… so i can get that anky dna i now need to start fusing


im in arena 10 and all of my arena incubators say stygimoloch gen 2, proceratasuaurs and triceratops gen 2 are guaranteed. no other DNA.


Arena 10?! Does that mean you’re in the top ten now? :face_with_monocle:


I can understand if it a bug, but if it is an algorithm that does in this on purpose…it’s really lame! Because everything is too expensive…which makes it a pay to win game


Ummm yeah it is pay to win.


What’s the exclusive dino dna from arena 10?


Even its pay to win is lacking… In that i mean coins are the only sure way to buy guranteed progression… incubators are so bad i feel like if i just decided to spends a ton of money on this game. I could very well end up with 10 hybrids i have to much of one dna and not enough of another to fuse instead of my current 5.

Incubators are like pay to maybe, quite possibly have a chance to progress.


Just as what @Heather said… the incubator will indicate what arena you won it in and it’s contents can include any dino from that specific arena or lower


nah, my time and money management skills are good enough to keep me out of arena 10. i’m #400 something
it was an exaggeration for a joke :wink:


So if you need specific DNA, like Irritator DNA, you actually ARE better off dropping arenas to its exclusive area dino?

If not, the reward pool gets so polluted that what you need never pops up.


So i finished unlocking another 8 hour incubator after work today… and got 15 bonus raja dna…
I wish i had screen shotted it… that makes 4 consecutive 8 hour incubators I have gotten raja dna… Im in sorna as well so its not like its my arena… im still getting my stygi dna.

I wonder what kinda of statistics it would be like for me to recieve extra epic dna in 4 consecutive 8 hour incubators alone… not to mention the exact same epic in each one.

Now im not complaining by any means i wish it would be mono or ankly… but atleast its useable dna…

When I consider in the facts that A) I recently hit the coin wall. B) I am close to leveling. And C) it just so happens i already had raja dna and am waiting for my ankly to level. It makes me feel this is an intentional attempt to convince me to take this level up deal since the last one was the first i skipped on with it being 50 dollars.