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Not having fun on PVP in a long time

Although in 26 level tournament gets annoying if you dont get a diplo, mamoth, allo gen2, secodon, etc in your team it is very boring having to see always the same creatures… Just that. Comment here if are not having fun too and if you want of course.

Is being a long time since i think on making this post because im tilted as f… whit the game. Sometimes even if i havent plaied a pvp battle in a long time trying to “desintoxicate” myself, as soon as i do the first battle i get tilted instantly.

Sorry for all of you that arent having fun like me, i remember the times when i joy every battle ive did.


Yeah, it’s become tedious. Predictably, I’m going to lose every other match I play. And everyone uses the same Dinos. I look forward to the daily strike events. Especially the expert trials.


at least, in this last torunament i decided to add the majungasaurus to my team as a “dracorex” cause its counter damage was 1500 whitout armor, it was quite fun cause majungasaurus is my favourite and nobody expect it, it ws kinda trolling xd