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Not impressed With Ludia's customer support

I have been playing this game from day 1 and there comes a time when you change phones. Put a request in Sunday evening to switch my support keys from the old phone to the new one… Surprise surprise, still waiting.

Now for someone that never bothered you and has been paying you money every month, it’s quite sad just how much I mean to you as a customer! :frowning:

Hey Hellohello123, I’ve sent you a private message here on the forums.

There is no support from customer support, they hide from important issues, block you when challenged or their inadequacies are highlighted, delete or hide forum messages that further highlight their short comings


I just wanted to say that I have an old iPhone an iPhone six I believe maybe a five and I had a bunch of creatures on it but now I can’t use it because it says I need to update but it doesn’t let me

Hey ABear, could you please try clearing up some storage space on your device and see if you are able to download the update?

I’m sorry to hear that your experience with our support team was not as positive as we would like it to be, Dunny. :sweat: I would be happy to forward your feedback to our team.

I will prob try

They do this, indeed. I have experienced it recently.
Nothing you can do other than a bad review on social networks / App Stores

Everything is a disgrace! Your whole set up, match making, imbalances, rewards, customer service, everything has been ruined in the pursuit of money.

If anyone dares speak up, challenge, or highlight these issues they are ignored or banned from receiving any level of support or service. Even off the forums to hide the inadequacies provided to loyal customers and players.

I’ll attach another example in images of one of the main issues you point blank refuse to address. Droppers and rewards. You can’t/won’t/don’t do anything about high level players dropping down leagues for easy victories against players struggling to build up. Their rewards stay the same which is a joke and only motivates them further to do this. Worse, Lower player aren’t rewarded higher even if we do manage to beat them.

For the record, I had 1 x lvl 26, 2 x lvl 23 and 1 x lvl25 and for my troubles against this opponent I got 30 medals and a lousy blue incubator.

I’ll save my gripe about these matchups being consistently at this level the closer I get to increasing my maximum medal count, or the match timeouts until teams of maxed uniques are available to keep players down.

The game and Ludia aren’t perfect, sure. But Ned can’t really do anything about it. Change has to come from within.

What a load of rubbish and everything I’ve come to expect from you lot.


So customer support issues are suddenly linked to your gameplay experience?

Personally I find the rewards more than adequate. You get thousands of coins, DNA and cash for barely any effort every day. This is just YOUR experience.
You get a cycle of 8hr-3hr-15min-3hr-3hr and an occasional 12 or 24 hour incubator as battle rewards. Why you expect more than 30 (which is a perfectly fine average) and more than the incubator in your current cycle is beyond me. You’re someone who even complains after a win.

Yes, sure, there are some issues with matchmaking, in some arenas. But it’s not all bad. And it’s not easy to fix and make everyone happy. There are simply not enough players to give you an opponent with the exact same dinos, levels and boosts within 30 seconds. And if you keep getting a matchup with someone who’s beatable, you can rise up infinitely. You have to face harder opponents, otherwise the whole ladder won’t work.

Droppers? I don’t see how this is a problem. It’s in the name, someone who drops. He goes down. They should be really easy to beat more than 50% of the time. Not a big issue, you’re just making it one because you occasionally see ridiculous opponents. It’s all about the big picture, your trophy score is where you should be. Battle more, you end up even more accurately where you should be. It’s not like you drop 2 arenas because you face some droppers. You win just as much.

If you want change, then go address the issues in a detailed and thought through manner where you come with arguments and solutions. Complaining in a topic where someone is dissatisfied with customer service gets you nowhere.

Having said all that, I do agree that there are too many reports of unfair customer service. And the forum is sometimes not much better with unwarranted bans and censorship. This won’t change after 3 years of complaining about it, so the change has to come from within, as mentioned. Someone inside Ludia has to step up to the (tyrant?) boss/manager and demand improvement. Because they don’t even listen to GamePress anymore. Uprising, pitchforks, strikes, revolution!


It’s nothing to do with avoidance.

You are directing your frustration at the wrong person. @Ned is a moderator, and a hell of a good one at that. He does everything he can to help the community on the forums, but he also has his limitations in regards to how much and what he can do.

You need to channel your grievances to those actually responsible, and that’s Ludia, not the forum mods. :man_shrugging:


Lol, this has been going on for ages and you should remove your rose tinted goggles and actually read the forum comments and even re-read what I actually wrote, because you’ve gone off on the wrong tangent. I wasn’t complaining about my rewards or my gameplay as I do very well with the team I have. Though occasional 24hour incubator is funny. (-;

I was complaining and highlighting that even when we actually end up beating a much higher rated team, which I’m often facing at the top of aviary and only getting a blue, sometimes even a grey which also happens. You simply do not reward the right players and that drives negative gameplay like dropping or just deliberately playing in a lower league to avoid their own equals.

I don’t mind facing harder opponents and appreciate the challenge, what I do not appreciate is the runs of totally unbalanced games and that’s the point your deliberately avoiding.
Lol, I wish I could play against team with exactly the same level dinos, that’s even more of a rarity in your game than a 24hr incubator. If my last 24 battles more than 50% were above me, not occasionally, continuously, especially when you’re close to improving your maximum score like today when I had three timeouts before a stream of matches against 5000+ medals with teams of lvl27-30 unique dinos.

Happy to show your screenshots if your mail had bigger capacity, but as I said earlier, you only have to actually read your forum to see streams of images highlighting exactly what I’m talking about.

My forum?

I have seen the posts from all the angry players, but it’s just a handful of people who like to complain.
It’s just funny, I’m not experiencing anything of what you’re mentioning. I fight higher players, I lose. I fight lower players, I win. On average it’s a 50% win and a 50% loss. For years now. I don’t see the problem. I just cherish the matches where it’s a really close call or where strategy is actually an important factor.
What I personally despise is all the ratting. Magnus, rhinos and dracos. Now THAT is a reason to get upset about.

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My most recent battle, now what are your thoughts?

The rewards, i.e. 15m, 3hr, 8hr etc incubators are set in a cycle and not related to the matchmaking at all.

24hr incubator comes round every 100th win. There’s a known cycle of this floating around.


@Dunny that player looks like someone who deserves to be in library. 5495 is probably not the current high, I’d expect someone like that to sometimes drop to 5200, depending on applied boosts and bad luck streak. Now would you say a match up between you and someone who has 5200 to be unfair? Or are you currently at 4500 or so?

@Dunny I would be interested in hearing what your proposed fixes are.

You just need a better team then. Those players kinda belong where they are. And so do you.