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Not just any team, We are the Nerds! | Strategize like a nerd and play like a gamer. Join ugetonmynerds!

Play like a nerd, SMART not hard:

Strategize on building level 20 sanctuaries to dominating in the tournaments and arenas. There is a plan in place to make it happen!

Maximize your resources via 15+ level 20 sanctuaries, generous DNA donations, and higher alliance mission and tournament rewards.

Accelerate your dino fusing and leveling with guidance from veteran Nerds.

Raid with proven strategies from Nerds to obtain that win in less time.

Thrive with tournament-driven nerds that play like you do, earning 10,000+ medals in a four-week and 12,900+ in a five-week cycle.

Bring the :tada: joy :partying_face: back into your gameplay and play with other people just like you.

Our team is flexible and will accommodate your school, work, family needs. Daily play is required by most alliances. But, we know life happens, which means you sometimes can’t play every day.

Find more than just an alliance; find a better experience. Join ugetonmynerds and discover the difference. Please message DinoL3o#5206 or GraeSkies#7481 on Discord.


  • Communication is required via Discord. Please message DinoL3o#5206 or GraeSkies#7481.

  • Why Discord? Cash link, strategy, your entire team is there, ready to bond with you.

  • Tournament: Desire, time, and ability to reach the 10k+ medals during a four-week tournament cycle and 12k+ during the five-week cycle.

  • Raids: Raids are not required but recommended. We have both dinos and a strategy to carry you through APEX raids.

  • Playtime: Most nerds play 3+ hours daily or 20 hours a week cumulatively. It might seem like a lot, but it’s broken up throughout the day, and most of it is spent on the weekends during tournaments.

  • Most important requirement!!! Have FUN. Nowadays, people forget that we are here for entertainment, finding enjoyment, and escaping everyday stress. Yes, we have goals and numbers we want to achieve as nerds, but let’s rediscover the joy of JWA together.

Let’s chat! :nerd_face: