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Not leaving the game yet

EDIT: It looks like the Ludia apologists and trolls are here to throw in their two cents without reading the rest of my posts in this thread, so I’ll say it here. I found a way to make this game fun again, so I didn’t quit. If you want to know how, scroll down. The following is my original post from several days ago.

I absolutely love all the Jurassic Park/World movies and I used to love this game (been playing since launch), but things have gotten so far out of hand that it’s time to move on.

Like most of you, I played this game for hours a day to hunt DNA and level my dinosaurs. Before this trainwreck of an update I was almost always in the 5,000 trophy range. Sometimes I even made it to top 300-500. When I had a losing streak I was always able to recover, even if I dropped below 4,900 trophies.

No more. After boosts were released I used saved HC to spread them evenly throughout my team just so I could try to keep up in the arena. I never spent a dime on boosts, so sure enough I started dropping steadily until last night when I ended up in Lockwood in the 4,400 range and decided that enough was enough. I left my alliance, removed all my “friends” (that are irrelevant now anyway since we no longer have to do friendly challenges for daily missions) and uninstalled the game.

I really wanted to keep enjoying this game, and I gave it many chances to improve but all I’ve been seeing lately is bad decisions fueled by greed. All our hard work leveling our dinosaurs has been erased by boosts, and if you can’t fork out $10 a day to keep up then you’re out of luck.

I will still read these forums because I really enjoy them. They’re much more entertaining than the game is at this point, but as far as games go it’s back to Pokemon GO for me. I can play as little or as much as I want, and I don’t feel like I have to spend hours a day farming coins just to evolve a Pokemon. Evolving in that game is free.


Rise and grind fellow gamer

You think that’s bad. I was Top 500 on all 7 Seasons. In the Top 200 right before 1.7. Now I’m 4,350 in Lockwood Estates and I have a boosted team thanks to 15,000 HC saves up. But the win 10, lose 50 is killing me.

An hour ago I played someone 1,100 trophies higher than me…and I wasn’t in Aviary…and I still lost 36 trophies


The same thing caused my trophies to end up in freefall too. I’ve also read posts on here from players in Lockwood who still end up matched with players in Aviary.

I don’t mind a normal losing streak. It’s aggravating but before 1.7 battles were more fair. Now a losing streak means zero chance of recovery, at least for me.


They are losing many players (mainly veterans since the launch) due to Ludia’s selfish love for our money, and due to all the broken bugs that are still not fixed. I decided to hold on, and still keep playing it, but not as much anymore. I have been playing for half a year already, and decided this game has a lot of potential to be either a great mobile game, or an amazingly massive waste of a project. I really do hope they fix these problems though. I still got just a lil bit of faith on Ludia.


Been playing since launch and this game just isn’t as good. I’ve sent support messages that have gone unanswered for literally weeks. Still just sitting there. Everything about this game has become frustrating. I’m still going right now but it’s quickly becoming painful to open the game.


Exact same here.




I’m in the same exact boat and am waiting it out mainly due to how much I love the game and don’t want to give up hope yet. Best wishes to you and we will be here if you change your mind!


I’m waiting for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to come out. I hope it’s just as fun. I"m ready for a new game.


I’m sticking around for awhile. It’s one of the less “kiddo” mobile games out there.

Hate kiddo games. Pogo is the worst of them all but that harry potter game also looks like it was made for 5 year olds.


The first and only game I will play :slightly_smiling_face: I’m so glad my younger stepson didn’t get into it. “Can I have a hundred dollars so I can play my game?”


Seems like the ones dropping the most are the teams on your range prior to the boosts. Our accounts were around 5000 trophies pre boosts. I haven’t spent a scent of my own money on the boosts. Just used the bucks we had saved. 1 account 17,000. The other 2 7,500. We have only dropped 100 trophy count since boosts.

We get crushed lots by 2700 base damage thors, but usually only lose 10 trophies. Most wins we get 50 trophies. Definitely losing a lot more now but the trophy allotment is working in our favour.

Still prefer pre boost and different trophy algorithm then what is current.


I decided to do one last experiment before I walk away for good. After reviewing the TOS and noting that this isn’t expressly forbidden, I created a new account so I can once again experience the good old days of battling before crap boosts and Draco Rats became the new meta.

As you can see by these screenshots I haven’t wasted a single coin on dinosaurs that won’t be used in battle, nor have I overleveled anything.

Now battling is fun again, except when I get stunned repeatedly by Sinoceratops. Matchmaking is much better, although sometimes I’m matched with level 1 teams.

I tried to join two alliances and was rejected by both, so I’m still without an alliance.

Unfortunately I’m sure this fun will be very short-lived, as once I reach level 10 the boost garbage will start and I’ll end up quitting on this account too.


Interesting idea.

I could join my alliance and make my new account the leader.

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I find myself playing my daughters level 10 account more and more

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Gl and hf for ur future, I stopped my vip and play less.

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Well, I guess the third time’s a charm! :grin: I had applied for another alliance yesterday, and they approved me this morning. The cumulative rewards I received allowed me to create my own Sinoceratops, level it to 12, and add it to my team. Let the fun begin!

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The first alliance I tried to join was the one I used to be in on my old account.

A lot of people might not realize just how beneficial starting a second account (or starting over) can be for progression.

My main account from vanilla launch has invested TONS of time, coin, hard cash and DNA in advancing Dinos that proved to be sub par, were nerfed, or were just bad nub choices to begin with.

I started an alt account a few months ago for St Paddys day with the knowledge that I have gathered from my main account.

Relatively speaking, the alt account is doing 25x better then my main account is, or ever did.

Should I choose to advance it to my main accounts level, well, the difference would be night and day.

OG accounts are “punished” pretty harshly in JWA. :wink: