Not liking the fact

That there has only been one gold tower(today) this entire week… I rely on the gold to get a decent chunk of coin…

I think tommorow there Is one more

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That’s correct

At one time there didn’t use to be any strike events… and treasure chests. Take these as additional bonus!


Dont get me wrong I very much appreciate any extra way to obtain coins but I’m sick of the white towers… there was a blue one monday but its been white since then until today(Saturday)… i can’t very well level up my level 20 dinos with 500 coins… that doesnt even help a little bit… when I’ve got 2 ready to level up… that’s 100k right there and that’s not even counting the uniques I’m trying to get, the ingredients up to level

250,000 wouldn’t be enough to level up my key creatures let alone the other 60+ … :frowning:

My next dino to level up is gonna cost double what your 2 combined will cost. You don’t know real pain yet.


Cool story