Not liking these daily migrations at all. πŸ˜‘

Can only find what I need 1 day a week now, and on top of that ussually its only 1 dino all day long, sometimes none.

I have yet to see a single purty in the wild, and have only seen like 2 smilodon.

Not sure how I am to progress getting one dino a week?


Purutaurus is the only epic on Thursday that i’ve never seen spawn. The other days I see the epic at least once, but not necessarily every week, but at least I do see them. Thursday though, no sign of Purutaurus.

Similar to what I am here crying for:

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I have said it before, these migrations spawns are a NERF to spawn rates. We went from seeing some of these in the park 7 days a week to only once a week.

Ludia managed to nerf migration and spawn in one swoop and everyone cheered them on for it hahaha


I feel that the daily spawns for epics are really inconsistent week to week. I was hoping to dart a Darwinopterus last Saturday, but sadly found none. I would say the average is around 0-1 on most epic daily spawns. On some very rare occasions I would find 3. The same thing happens during the hybrid pursuits when the ingredient is an epic. The epic spawns need to be improved all around. sad-dino-md


You’re wrong, they are the best

Explain plz. :slight_smile:

I would have preferred it if migration was in addition to regular spawns.



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I agree, I finally have access to allo since I live in L3. But then these daily migrations are overwhelming the other Local Dinos. Really wished they toned it down a bit. Really need that allo for thor :smiling_imp:

Me too. All those Sino DNA sucked my Allo DNA dry. Earlier I can find atleast 10-15 a day, but now it’s nowhere to be found.

I saw 3 Anky on Sunday. Darted 2 but it was to hot to make the trek to the 3rd one. Lol

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It was too cold here…

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Went to an L1 today and popped some common scents to get the last bit of Deino to level my unique spitter, kept getting the daily rubbish.

Found ONE! And I needed 1200 DNA worth -_-!

This… more stuff on the map to do means more people playing which leads to things like revenue.


Depends on where you live really.

If you are living near a park or in a city where parks are easy to go to, then it might come out as a nerf.

But you have to remember there are people living in places where there are only a few parks (or even none). They are hard to get to or the people have no time to travel a long distance just to get to a park to hopefully have a chance to see something. For these people, it’s a good buff.

The solution as someone has stated, is to make daily migration an addition instead of replacement.
They can also increase the spawn rate of rare / epic spawns of daily migration, because the rarity is already limited by the day that they could spawn. So they should increase the spawn rate so that the spawns per week of those rare / epic will be equal to spawns that are all week around.


Only reason daily migrations even came is because of the moaning and complaining people did because of park spawns

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And in true ludia fashion, they replaced one bad idea with a worse one. And still no migration of zones… I imagine when they finally figure that out, they’ll do it by country so you lose access completely to some Dinos.


Daily migration is good, but it should have more variety. Trex G2 and Dilopho G2 are daily migration dinos but not Tenontosaurus. If they also make it daily migration, I can unlock Tenontorex soon.
I barely see any epic daily migrations. So far I got one Anky on a Sunday only. I need many Anky DNA.


It’s not just Epics tho, a simple Iguanadon can only be found one day a week now.

I cant be out darting for ten hours just because its the only day in the whole week that they are available and I need lots of its DNA.

I have other things in life besides JWA. :neutral_face: