Not liking these daily migrations at all. ๐Ÿ˜‘

I ride the bus around my city on my day off and I work full time. Itโ€™s called hunting for a reason.

Whatevs, calling bs on that.

Can ride your bus all day and night, not gonna help if what you need and are looking for litterally doesnt even spawn on the map.


Cool but Iโ€™m not the one making the whiny thread.

Yep yep โ€ฆ:wink:

Ok, back home for the evening. Spent six and half hours (off and on), riding around and playing JWA today.

Final Epic tally for the day.
Rex = 3
Spino G2 = 4
Barry = 4
Pterano = 1
Prcocerathom = 0

While I did see quite a few of the rare daily rhinos out today, it seems to me that the daily Epic spawns do not maintain a semblance of effectiveness.

To really test it you need to do it on a day that features a normal epic and not a hybrid epicโ€ฆ in ludias world darting something like a procerathom is super good cause your avoiding all the ten fuses so the hybrid epic spawns are the rarest of them all.


you deserve respect for this. :smile:
u may reach supply limits easy this way.

Last Halloween when they had those scary scents I stayed out all night, 7 hours straight walking around catching nearly 30,000 DNA worth of raptors due to the scents, I couldnโ€™t sleep from excitement and watched to stay out till Indoraptor was dartable.

Ended up darting Indoraptor for 99 and forever wrecking my fuses by ending with a 9 lol.
Was even at 299/300 at one point!

But Iโ€™d never do a hunt that long again, my hips were in a lot of pain for days and my spine arthritis was horrendous!

Longest I hunt now is 3 hours.

I usually donโ€™t see the epics either, never seen puru in the wild. I just think epic spawns in general need a buff. I mean, can you really farm any epic without the epic scents? And the scents donโ€™t work on the daily spawns.

You can if you drive around and donโ€™t stop for commons and such. I have a motorcycle so itโ€™s a lot easier for me.

Some folks use public transportation like buses, trains, subways, rails etc. they just ride around darting stuff, thats a good way also.

Farming epics on foot, not really. You may get lucky from time to time, but I wouldnโ€™t consider that as farming per say.

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Yeah, I do drive around to get them, but i can only do it for so long and usually donโ€™t find many epics on that amount of time :expressionless:

It wasnโ€™t in one outing.:wink:

Three 2 hour trips around the city, about 2 hours apart. Also took the same route each time. Havent got much time in to ride so far this spring so I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Guess thatโ€™s why Tue, Wed, Thurs and Friday are such a ghost town. :hushed:

Saw 1 Procerathomimus and 1 Trex that despawned when I came in reach.

Problem with daily migration is that commons are everywhere, plaquing whole map. I barely see Dimetro now in l3, cause of common daily trash.

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Would love to be surrounded by common Iguanadons, but I will only find any of them on fridays. :unamused:

Would love to find some more Darwin too, so close to being able to fuse Pterovex.

But again, they wonโ€™t even spawn anywhere till Saturday.

I used to hang out in a huge park so I was able to make progress on Edmonto and Ptero every day. That progress has now grinded to a halt. :persevere:

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They should try to make the daily dinos have there own spawn spots like offset spawns and keep locals separate.

Risk of sounding like a broken recordโ€ฆ

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Look at my darwin. I have only found one on a saturday lol

I have found multiple anky and puro though. I like anky on Sunday, that is one I really do like.

Iโ€™m little further than you with Darwin. Need 370 dna to lvl 20. Waiting on Saturday, that might wonโ€™t see any as Iโ€™m going on a trip.

Just the opposite. Can found 2 Darwin each Saturday, but found only 3 Anky since they are daily, while Maiasaura is usually everywhere I look.

If they rotated them with the park spawns that are left it would make things betterโ€ฆ i dont have a park near me so for some of these things having a day i can get some is a pure upgrade over not being able to get barely any outside of events.

But at this point despite me having over 300 tyrannoloph ready to fuse and stock piles of rex gen 2 and dilo gen 2โ€ฆ tenotorex is such a distant pipe dream.