Not loading 3/13/20

Hey, I’m having a similar issue, except I’m not even reaching the error message, it’s just sitting on the loading screen saying “enchanting items” at the bottom.

Hey John_Stansfield, are you playing on a WiFi or mobile network? If you’re connected to one of those, could you please try toggling off the other one and then relaunch the game?

I am having the same issue. Game is updated and have tried both my wifi and data connections. The only thing I have not done 8s reinstalling the game out of fear of losing everything.

I’ve tried going between WiFi and data, tried reinstalling, nothing appears to be working

I’m sorry that didn’t work, John_Stansfield. If you’re still having trouble with loading the game, please reach out to our support team here at so our team can try and assist you further with this.