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Not logging in

For at least 3 hours I haven’t been able to log in, the last time I could was when I hit up Erlikospyx on the map and my dna didn’t register.
I get to 17/25 at the login page and then it just stops. Anyone else?

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Yeep. My first darting on Erlikospyx diden’t count as well. So I just shot it agian and this time it worked. Then I did a fuse and got 180 dna. I think it was the 20 dna I should have got plus my first darting of 160. After that I get stuck at 17/25. So strange.

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My boyfriend has the same problem rn. We were outside playing and he had to close the game but when he tried to open it again, it didn’t work. We already tried to restart his phone and even reinstall the game, but sadly, nothing works and he’s stuck at 17/25. My game works just fine.

Ok, idk if it works for any of you but we tried it and he is now able to play again. If you are logged in through the Google games app or whatever it’s called, try to reinstall that. It worked for us but maybe we were just lucky :sweat_smile:

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Thank you I’ll see how to do that.

It hasn’t worked :sweat: uninstalled and reinstalled Google Play Games, uninstalled it again, logged in as a guest fine and could play, reinstalled GPG while in Guest mode, selected my Google account to log in to and then it froze again. Came out and went back in, still gets stuck on 17/25.
I have clocked up my 12 battles etc and was all set to smash my last daily target and collect my 100 DNA but this has ruined it :triumph:

Having the same issue here on IOS

I’m back in! Nothing I tried re reinstalling or logging our restarting my phone worked, just appears to be sorted now.