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Not pay for any more tournaments

Sorry but now you’re charging to enter a tournament and the match still glitch out. Half the time I can’t finish a match or when I try to get back in I auto lose. Hardly any fun

Whats the point in PVP now though? Tournement or not.

Even when everything does finally work right, you get rolled 0 - 3 by a pay to winner and their god mode abominations regardless… unless its a tourney that specifically prohibits boosts. Doesnt help regular Arena at all.

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my display showed rank 479 at end of tourny. My reward said 500 HC. clicked to get reward and wouldnt you know 2500 coins pops up. Dont think ill be bothering anymorr, not to mention that sonce battle amount isnt limited those of us who have a life outside of the gaming world will never be able to compete with those who have nothing but time.

The dedication from players has dropped loads scince 1.7 came out can’t ludia see that?

Or are they blinded by dollar signs and don’t really care.

Honestly, the sales from people buying boosts probably wouldn’t indicate that there is a currently an escalating problem at the moment.

If they only looked at the income charts right now, they might see an actual increase in revenue, although we all know this is a false indication.