Not Pogo or Draco


This game is not pogo or Draco, its a AR. Location game like but that is also where the comparing stops. I can’t understand why people suggest that this game should have the same things as them.? If you want it to looks like Pogo and Draco then you are maybe playing the wrong game. :roll_eyes:
I think it’s a great game as it is
I’m sure that the game will develope in time to come, and turn out as the greatest AR. Game so far.

Thanks to the developers behind, it’s an outstanding job all of you has done here.


Chilling at home charging my phone and pooping about to head out on a night walk/ride to capture DNA and battle some players. Loving the game so much and wanting to work closely with the developers and marketing team to help develope it further and promote the Jurassic World Movie and Brand. How’s your team of Dino’s sir?


Sidenote, how do I create a profile photo. Lol


Haha i like your style bro! I’m loving the game probably a little too much too, but it’s finally got me using my BMX and not being such a lazy shit so it’s a healthy addiction. I’m trying to get the bros to start playing too so we can have a dino-hunting BMX gang lmao


What game is Draco?
Can you give the full name?


You already did. Click on picture upper right hand corner (icon pic) and you can edit a few things.


Draco is Draconius go, another great AR location based game. You can get it in your appstore.