Not qualified (cheaters?)

Are they flagged accounts? Cheaters? Does anyone know what this means?

Possibly low level players that haven’t reached 2000 trophies yet.

It means they either aren’t high enough level, or they are cheaters.

Id check their levels, because that’s most likely what it is

They are both under 2k trophies. However there are other players with even less trophies than them that are eligible for tourneys. I guess it’s possible the others were created last update, but I’m not sure.

That just means the other teams that are under 2k trophies started before the last update. Older teams are grandfathered. Teams created after the last update have to reach 2k trophies before they can qualify.


It means they are Alt accounts. Ludia is fixing the exploit.

I doubt that… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: these accounts were deemed “not qualified” since the beginning of the first tournament.

That has nothing to do with Ludia fixing an “exploit”. It was announced before Championships started that accounts created before the update could participate and new accounts had to reach 2k trophies first. Are you suggesting Ludia went back in time to make that announcement?


Not that Alt accounts are allowed, nobody disputes that. They can be in an Alliance too.

But that Alt accounts can’t be swapped in/out to a main account to accumulate Championship points. If Ludia continued to slow this then the Championship is completely tainted and meaningless

That has nothing to do with the original question. You are just injecting your feelings about alt accounts into this thread and it is off-topic.


Any account made before 1.13 that’s not in at least Badlands can’t participate in the championships.


These are probably accounts that are under badlands :+1:

You can have older accounts below Badlands (accounts created pre 1.13) that are qualified.

Accounts below badlands are “not qualified” if they were created after 1.13