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Not really getting hyped for the patch note


It used to be the moment to refuel enthusiasm in this game but if cenozoic creatures really is a thing in 1.7, I kinda hope they can just leave the game here and stay as it is for the rest lifespan.
Thanks for the holding my attention all this time, but seemingly it’s now wrecked by the asteroid you created.


Im SUPER hyped tho!


Good for you mate, I will modestly ask how to?


Leave the game then its pretty simple I’m sure theirs other games to play.


Not very positive are you?

Stick it out and see what the update brings. I am skeptical too. This new patch could enhance or ruin the game so we will have to see


Can’t wait to see a mammoth vs brachi fight or a smilodon vs stegodeus. The animations will probably be cool, the moves might be new, they will be big, but only they will have a little bit more fur than most dinos.
No idea how hybrids would work, technically, because mixing lizards with mammals is kind of an impossible task for the science team if you ask me. Still very curious about the looks! I’m very excited. Totally new creatures ahead, because most dinos I can think of are already in the game.


Make or break update for the game now alot of players unhappy about alot with suposed new mammals added featured creatures and towers changed area and just the genral glitches and bugs noe its over to you ludia i am neither looking forward or botherd about the patch notes just intrested


If I get a mammal that can one shot a level 30 Tryko, I’ll be happy!


Don’t be judgmental. Wait and watch what they will bring to the table. After that make your opinion.

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Not hyped at all, in fact I’m dreading the inevitable nerfs. As far as Smilodon, what does that have to do with the Jurassic Park/World movies? After all, JWA is based off of those.