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Not receiving any interacts from supplydrops

Since the update dropped, i have been driving around, getting every supplydrop I see around. Still haven’t gotten any interacts, must have spun atleast 400 drops stil 0/4. Whats up with that?

I’ve noticed that too, I just thought I was unlucky is all.

Mine locked up and all they would do is spin non stop.

Can confirm.
13 miles, everything maxed but zero interacts.

Didn’t find any either, been walking around almost half the town.

Same here

Just got home from 3,5hour drive( from 6pm-9.30pm), still 0/4 interact!

Interactions and Lunar scents

Anyone got these from orange supply drops yet? I’ve tapped tons and only get the usual stuff.

Are they actually working?

Not me, have everything else…

Maxed out again after reset, did not get one yet.

Edit: Did not get one of either Interaction or Scent that was.

I got the scent, but it was on the way home. It’s a rare.

Gpx i got everything except the interacts.

I also got everything except interactions

Oke so just restarted game, spun 4 supply drops and gotten 2 interacts. Guess they fixed it.


Yup! Interacts fixed

Yeah I just got an interact too.

Confirmation just restart game