Not receiving purchase


Customer support has still not contacted me back about a purchase that was made in the game. I can’t receive a refund because the game is out of policy with Google Play for refunds. I just want my money back now I’m beyond aggravated because I’ve never had this problem with any other game. And customer support for any other game at least responds within a reasonable amount of time. the fact that you reset the Q for a person who’s trying to contact you about a problem after days of waiting for a response is ridiculous.


Hey j_C, I’m sorry that our support team has not responded back to you yet, I understand that can be really frustrating, but our team have been getting a much larger volume of tickets lately. However, they’re working hard to try and get to everyone who needs assistance, and they’ll get back to you soon.


thanks for the general response that I’ve seen that you have given so many other people but no solution to the problem obviously this game is becoming nothing but a scam because you can’t even give me a actual personalized response all you can do is apologize for something that you’ve apologized to multiple people for but none of the issues have been fixed. I even tried contacting the ludia phone number and that’s not even available. the customer support obviously isn’t backed up they obviously don’t even exist I want my money back and I’m tired of waiting for this. It’s even more ridiculous for the fact that Google Play Can’t refund the money because the game Falls outside of their policies.


I see where you’ve told people who have been waiting for more than 3 weeks that customer support would get back to them soon and they are still waiting for a response. so obviously customer support is never going to get back to anybody but you guys will gladly take the money and never give us the stuff we’re trying to buy.