Not receiving purchases

I bought 14.99 event pack with 450 gems, 10000gold and 1 gold/purple chest. On return to store screen from successful payment screen the game locked up. Couldn’t scroll around on the screen and the green but button looked dulled out and untouchable. Tried logging back in but nothing happened, no chest or gold and gems added.

Thought might be credit card failure so tried different card and same exact thing happened. Been billed for both transactions but received nothing upon freezing up. Hoping to find a fix, any help I can get here?

I had the same thing happen…

Exact same thing here, and after a day and a half, still no resolution from support

Same here going on 1.5 days no vip rewards

Yep, happened to me yesterday. Submitted incident ticket and still waiting for help desk response.

same here. have been waiting 3days now.
after an automated reply that they are busy i have not heard anything.

Happened to me also…It would be a shame that I do not get refunded in some way…

Hey everyone, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your purchases. If you haven’t already, please do not hesitate to contact our support team through the in-game support or email here at Our team would be more than happy to assist you once they get a chance to see your message.

Also, please make sure that you have included a screenshot of your purchase information, such as an app store receipt in your email as well. Thanks!

Hi Ned, yes I’ve done as instructed and have heard nothing from your help desk after their response of having a high ticket volume. Any expedited assistance in providing status updates would greatly be appreciated. I refuse to make any further purchases until I have faith the application is fully functioning. Your timely assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

thank you for this reply Ned,
I have also heard nothing after the response about a hight ticket volume.
i have used the mail funtion in game to report the problem and included the screenshit of the google pay purchase ticket.
I would expect that problems where you ( not you personally of course) take the customers money but do not deliver the goods would get the highest priority. Not doing so does make this company look rather suspect, especialy when i see several of these exact same complains in a day not being answered.
I trust that these real money issues will be solved woth the highest priority. For some in non first world countries the amounds are not trivial but represent several days of wages.

Hi all, I’m having the same issue with the same package I purchased about 3 days ago. Despite repeated attempts to get in touch with support and even changing the file format of the receipt I sent, I still haven’t received a reply or refund. It definitely does seem suspect indeed and I’m pretty livid about it, as I suppose anyone would be in this situation. Has anyone had a positive response yet please?

Any chance you could ask your support agents to get in touch with all of us? Getting a bit ridiculous and worrying how long any response at all to obviously quite a few people is taking, as I’m sure you would agree. Our money has been taken, so where are the goods please?

Hey everyone, firstly I would like to apologize for the delay from our support team. This might sound repetitive, but our team is receiving a much larger volume of tickets than usual, which caused the backup.

Please rest assured that our support team is working as quickly as possible to get this resolved and to make it right for everyone who is having issues with their purchases.


Thanks for the reply…I hope I get contacted soon…

So are all purchases not being fulfilled? I was thinking about making a purchase but if I know it’s not going to be fulfilled I would rather just wait until the problem is fixed.

I’m also still waiting, and it’s not every purchase as far as I can tell, just the offer that was available 4 days ago for 10k gold, gems, and an epic chest that I don’t think anyone received

would be interesting to know if anyone did receive it.
After that special offer there was another one with chest, gems chest. If there were so many problems with the previous one which they couldnt solve i findit strange and rather insulting that they continued with the new similar offerwhen they knew there was something wrong.
But if they knew what was wrong they should put more effort in delivering what they took the money for.
If your aVIP member you actually pay for each day , so days of delay is costing VIP members money.
I propose afree VIP day for each day that the purchase is not delivered.

4 days passed and I am still waiting…spent approx Euro 25. Still busy support team?

another day gone without any reaction.
Support? what support.
How hard is it to send a message to those who conplained here.
Selling something then not delivering it and not reaction when the customer asked about it has a name.
Its called a scam.
You got our emails. someone is reacting occasionally in this forum.
Either the support people who got the emails or the one in the forum can react.
A standard answer of send support a mail is NOT SUPPORT. especially if its said many times already that support is not reaction to mails.

I just received mine it takes awhile but it comes just give it time! The 14.99 one was good!