Not recieving cash from supply drops


Most supply drops have some cash included 8n the reward for prize 2 but I’m not recieving it after watching the ad, wtf is going on?


When you spin a supply drop you get a random item from the prize 1 side and a random item from the prize 2 side.

When you watch an ad it simply respins the supply drop giving you another random item from prize 1 and another random item from prize 2 again.

No guarantee to get the 10 cash though.


But it seems weird that after I got the message one day saying daily cash limit reached i literally never recieced cash ever again. Possible bug?


It may be a bug, but I doubt it, I don’t think Lucia would hand out cash like that, it would be bad for their business of getting folks to spend actual money on the in game currency. Ludia can’t resist the opportunity to make some cash when they can.