Not required to pay

Hey all, I took a minute to browse through some of the forums and see what everyone has to say about this game. I wanted to clear some things up based on my own personal experience with the game.

  1. you are NOT required to pay to play this game. Yeah it makes things go faster. But why would you want to overly simplify the game? I have been playing for a couple weeks now and have spent $0.00 on this game. I have 7 of the 8 character available and all of them are level 8+. Is it a grind? Sure. Is it possible to play without paying? Absolutely.

  2. Special events, I realized very abruptly that the special events are the key to playing this game free of charge. The combo of the extra gold / extra gem rewards made it extremely easy to constantly have enough resources to continue playing with little issue.

  3. When it comes to doing the challenges, unless I get a reward that is going to level an item that i actually use on a character I will always make sure to get my money back for the challenge if it’s an option. It buys you another run through, which is another chance at secret rooms, more exp, and another chance for loot at the end of the challenge. I have been farming the 50g challenge for a couple days now. I’ve actually been able to make gold and get items while easily walking through the challenge. It’s also allowed me time to check what combos of character work well with each other based on their abilities.

I could keep going but I feel that some / all of this has been said before and I dont want to bore anyone to death. My final take is this…
This is a fun game and if you want to help the developers keep the game going and them to keep improving the game you need to keep playing (and possibly paying). But you are not required to do so. This game, much like dnd, is a grind. Yes there are many things that could be changed to make players happier, and maybe they will change some. But in the mean time, open you loot, roll your dice and enjoy.

That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong :man_shrugging:


What about the VIP only events? Certainly feels like pay to win is the way. I like the game but I’m kinda stuck. I’ll keep grinding and failing levels but that gets old quick… just my 2¢.

Yeah, I was kinda bummed when I saw the VIP event, I personally dont feel 10/ month is worth it. If it were a flat fee of like 20 maybe based on the fun I’m having with the game. That way the developers get money to keep working on the game without siphoning it monthly from their players.
VIP some cases but not others. There are special events and extra loot at times…but from what I’ve seen it’s not often enough to make me jump at going all VIP mode.

Get back to me when you get to level 10.

Oh I’m well aware I have a long road ahead of me. I was saying in my exp (level 9) that theres ways around paying for the game. And giving some ideas of what I have been doing to grind my way through the game so far.