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Not rewarded an incubator after winning

So granted I’ve lost over 400 trophies this morning, thanks to this extremely ludacris arena situation… but after finally winning I didnt get an incubator… so I lost some more, than finally won again. Yet again no incubator. Whats up? I do NOT want to have to battle in your dumb arenas. I do because I need incubators, that’s it.

PvP battles today have been a mess, and incubators are in the mix. I’ve had all kinds of stuff happen that’s not supposed to, but the worst thing so far is that I cannot activate any incubators. Take a deep breath and just collect supply drops for a while – I think Ludia has a lot of incubator bugs to fix right now. >:-(

Hey BIGISLAND21, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can try and assist you further with this? If you could include, in your email, the date and time of when you won those Incubators, it’d be really helpful.


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