Not so “common” dinosaurs


I have noticed something that is starting to be bugging me the more I think about it.
Basically some of the common dinos are literally everywhere, like Sarcosuchus or Diploclatus I started calling pest dinos, while other like especially Suchomimus are nowhere to be found… I found epic hybrids more often than this and few other “common” dinosaurs…
Is it normal though?? Or is it based kinda on the locations??


In my city Suchimimus are possibly the most common type, where as diplocalus we may not see from one weekl to the next.


Tanys are rare as “hen’s teeth” in my city, saw 2 suchomimus today, outside my normal walking radius.


Pest dinos around here are usually big sarcos, ophiacodon, koola gen2, and other swamp types.


At night, pest dinos typically are the same as during the day, but there’s the added spitters. Dilo and Dilo gen2 are all over the place at night, second only to tons of lythros, and more majungas than you could shake a stick at.


Never see allosaurus… like ever :roll_eyes:

I’ve got enough sarcos and eniosaurus to make a hybrid out of them at level 829292


I might run into maybe 3 allos on a good night, but I generally cover an area of 2-3 miles on foot per hunting trip. They’re out there, they’re just sometimes difficult to find.

I’m bloody sick of sarcos, truth be known. Wish they’d quit popping up all the time and just sod off, the lot of 'em.


I’ll be hunting at night, and my phone will vibrate when randoms pop up. It’s almost always a sarco.

On yer bike, “Lake Placid”, I’ve got actual dinos to tag.


I’m thinking about just leveling one of my area’s “pest” dinos to 30. I have legendaries that get dominated by common 27 bots in the arena all the time. Might as well build one myself.


Allos, Majungas, Sarcos, Diplos, Stegos, Tarbos, Ophias, Nunduscus, they are everywhere, sometimes swarming the area, even Velociraptor is so common I cannot afford to upgrade him anymore…
I was thinking Suchomimus is so rare cause it’s part of some powerful hybrids but no… :joy:


there is only a single group of rare dinos and those are park spawns. everything else is common enough in its local spawn grouping. if you cant find something that isnt a park dino then you just need to go a mile or so in a different direction.


I don’t know about that theory. I ride my bike 20-30 Miles a night (not just for the game, always have) and I have yet to even discover a rare Erlikosaurus.


The only Dino I found to be exclusive to parks so far is Apatosaurus :sauropod:, other than that I found no difference whatsoever.


Had an epic erli encounter only once, in front of the local Meijer at 2am.


Apatosaurus has appeared here outside of parks. Found one next to a restaurant one day, the following night, one was parked in front of a doctor’s office down the street from my house.


Dude, you really get that many Rare Dilos? So jealous…I hardly see them anywhere.


Sometimes. Not all the time. Rare dilos probably spawn in groups a couple times a week. Usually, it’s the gen2’s that pop up everywhere. I should have clarified that before, Angela.


Ah. Yeah, I see the Gen2s everywhere myself, like friggin Tanys or Sarchos. One Rare I tend to see often is Gorgosaurus, with Rare Trike right behind it. I’ll find Rare Spinos too on occassion…but now I want the Epic one, lol! Encountered one in battle and took it down with my Rex.


5x a day at least in my neighborhood (rare Dilopho).


Aw man, yours must be super powerful! I gotta figure out where to look and when.