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Not so epic August

I have heard that in August epics should appear much more often that usual, multiple times per day in some cases, yet I have not seen multiple epics a day through this entire mont I have seen 3 or 4 with only 1 being within 30 meters of me, the rest were incredibly far from me and only appear at ridiculous times like 3am, how many epic spawns are you seeing per day, I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing a not so epic August


About 2-3 times as much as usual.

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Walking around, I haven’t noticed a change.

On a bus, I’ve noticed it.


My wife and I drive about one hour each evening to spin supply drops, dart dinosaurs, and pick up chests. I haven’t noticed any change. Most nights we don’t see a single epic. Some nights we see one or two. I think the actual spawn rate is much lower than when we started back in April.


I normally see one a day not often ones I want. August increased spawn rate 3 a day meaning I see ones I really want.

It’s Epic to me.

I certainly haven’t seen any more than usual


I’ve seen a lot more myself.

for me no change. walking, driving, home, work, day or night.

it seems the feature was not properly shared for all locations in the world.


I’d be happy if I could just get the green supply drops for rares. Those have seemingly become scarce lately.


Every trip into town gives me at least 3 epics this month. I’d call that triple or more than usual!

I’ve seen three this month, so that’s more than triple normal.

Normally, I see NONE.

Sad but true.

I travel through a small city daily.

I’m finding/seeing more epics than usual. Found a wild Erliko today, it was just in time for a 50 fuse. 50 more DNA until Erlidom is born.

I have experienced an increase in epic encounters this mth, just a few days back darted a wild sino in morning and another sino + T-Rex in evening, such encounters are super rare occurrences for me.

Many have been just far away enough for me to not be able to dart, but I’ve seen as many as 7 epics on a map at the same time (with apparently random distribution). Overall, I’m seeing quite a few more than I would expect on any given day or night. What I hate is when I’m riding in a car and we’re sitting at a red light… and a T-Rex suddenly spawns right next to the vehicle a couple of seconds after the light has turned green… :frowning:

My girl and I have seen some. Not as much as I’d like but it may be a few more than normal.

I went for a 14 mile bike ride looking for Toujiangosaurus and ran across 6 epics, 2 T-Rex, 2 Spino’s , a Nodopatosaurus and a Baryonyx. I got several Marsupial Lions, A bunch of Argenasaurus’s and a few other good stuff.

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