Not stunning alpha

So… Many… Bugs… (Yet another post) When playing the alpha, it’s bad enough you lose ½ your turns to the alpha if you can’t stun it, but now even the tiles that are supposed to stun it, don’t!! I thought I noticed it with the Screaming Death, but it’s so much more obvious with the Foreverwing. When you trigger 3 red tiles and it doesn’t stun the dragon, you lose tiles to vines, so it’s easy to see the stun didn’t work. 4 times I triggered red tiles, it didn’t stun the dragon, it shot back and not only ate up my turns, but ate up my score, as well!

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And the one decent update you had last time is now lost. The alert that we completed a duty doesn’t show up until we collect the key now, instead of alerting us when we completed the duty like it did after the last update.

Vines still grow when alpha is stunned. Unless you mean it shot new vines

That has been happening for the last two updates for me