Not sure if cheater player or cheater bot AI


First dino out they have a Stegoceratops and IMMEDIATELY are able to use stunning moves which, of course, they ride out two free kills with.

I still won the overall battle but it was frustrating that there was zero cooldown for them right out of the gate. Made it far more difficult than it should have been.

I am reluctant to determine if a player or just one of Ludia’s bots. Either way, it earned a death glare.

Edit: for the record, no, they don’t show up on my recent opponents list.


I had the same it comes up with “recent opponent” it’s def a bot/scammer/hacker Sometimes I’ve got to restart the app


Do you mean they used greater stunning strike/stunning impact right away or minimal stunning strike?


Greater Stunning 75% as the first move. It’s a BOT advantage glitch that sometimes occurs. Just like a BOT can swap out a Dino and not lose a turn. You just sigh and go on.


Huh. I haven’t encountered that as of yet. Would be pretty annoying to see such an obvious glitch.


Yes, Greater Stunning right away. The eye-twitch was strong with me.