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Not sure it's a bug, but thought it worth mentioning


Ok, so. I maxed out the chest rewards yesterday. And I noticed that some of the chests I hadn’t opened yet were still filled in properly. Nothing wrong with that, probably just how it works. But I decided to open one just to see what would happen. I wasn’t honestly expecting to get anything, but I wasn’t expecting it to actually OPEN, either!! Just like I was expecting, though, I didn’t actually get anything from it. It was sort of just something I could still do. I was thinking of reporting it as a bug, but as the title says, I’m not sure if it’s actually a bug or not.

I did find it kind of funny when I didn’t really have anything to do in game when I was bored, though. I just thought it might be worth mentioning, bug or not.


Aren’t the chests always like that?


I’m not sure. I’ve never been able to max out the rewards from them before. lol Thing is, I don’t often get out enough to max out rewards from ANYTHING. In fact, yesterday was the first time I got the scent, max coins, AND max cash from the regular supply drops.


I’m pretty sure you can still see them. If it’s a 1-hour chest, those will be transparent until the reset, but if you haven’t opened one, it shows the same.

In case you didn’t know, you can click the little i in the top right of chests and drops to see how much time is left and how much you’ve collected.


No, I knew that. I just thought that the fact I can still open chests even after maxing out the coin rewards was fun and worth mentioning…


Lol they always worked like that


There are 2 different types of coin chase events. One of the events will turn the chests transparent, or even remove them from the map after cap.

The other one will just let you keep opening them but will show you a little pop up to the left saying that you are capped.