Not that you care but


Not that it matters now, but I did finally make it to 4k today and a new arena. I finished the tournament at 390X. I took out my lvl 19 Allo and replaced it with my new lvl 17 Pyrritator. She definitely helped, but my hero was actually Monomimus and good RNG. My reward was making it to the new arena and the one time offer. If I only could have done it on Monday… I also posted this in my own thread, forgive me.


Do you remember how much the one time offer cost? And btw nice done man, im hoping to get there soon :slight_smile:


Thank you @Rafael_Souza_Oliveir! It cost 1800 hard cash. Good luck to you too! Make sure you have that cash ahead of time…too many problems with people missing out on one time offers


Thanks bro. And yeah, in metahub they posted the one time offers but just until the arena 7 and level 10, I was hoping they would post the remaining but you already helped a lot


I have a few one-time offer videos on my youtube channel. I think I just have them for leveling up to 12, 13, and 14 though because they started costing $50 every time and that’s a lot to spend for a game upgrade. I just did them when they were cheaper.