With the success of my Alliance “Timmy What Is It” (10/10 for going on 11 consecutive weeks & multiple level 20 co-op sanctuaries.) I have started a new Alliance called “Not The Navajo”

The goals with this alliance are:

  • Become a close friendly Team.
  • Achieve the 10/10 Weekly rewards from Alliance Missions.
  • Strategically build a Team sanctuary within our Alliance. Learning how to maximize sanctuary DNA.
  • Build the Team to become a strong addition to Co-Op Sanctuaries in the future.

This is a brand new Alliance I am looking to build a strong foundation of players.

Looking for:

  • Daily Players ONLY.
  • Highly active players.
  • Discord is a MUST.
  • Communication is a MUST.
  • Must speak English.
  • Adamant about achieving Goals.

Are you currently in an Alliance that is not organized and only a handful of you are participating or pulling the weight?

You are who I am looking for!

Bring your friends and let’s get this going. I run a strict Team. Rules must be followed and we have structure. How else would you achieve goals?

Individual players as well as groups already playing together are welcomed to join.

If you’re interested please view my Alliance’s discord and see if you think you’d fit in.

Contact me directly or in guest chat.

For the record I do not gain anything besides extra work with this lol the goal is to help other like minded players enjoy the game as my team does.