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Not the same map

Me and my wife both play at level 18 but we don’t have the same supply drops, also other creatures, towers and chests. Always on a different place. And yet, until a month ago it was indeed identical. Why and can this be changed so that it is the same for both of us?

MistakenPoodle16#8725 and Xander#7067

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Same bug hehe. I do not even have the same map with my two devices. Also sometimes when I play with a friend, we have three slightly different maps. This is quite annoying.

I thought supply drops were the same but that you might not have the same dinosaurs.

The management has said explicitly it’s the same map. And explained that it’s your devices that make it look different by loading updated out of date points of interest.

They furthermore stated that clearing the cache on both devices will load identical points of intrest


@MagicFingers, is this what you were talking about?

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Ty @Piere87

Some issue here. I’ll try to clear the cache on my backup phone and see what that does.

I did the clearing the cache thing but didn’t put things back.

It makes it harder when me and my wife go out to do three different strike towers as we did tonight but couldn’t find a place to eat where all three were in range on all our devices. I found that we had three different maps (drops and towers different places with some missing or added from previous times out).

You know your an addict when you can tell if even one drop is moved or missing in an 8 square mile area.

It does first hand experience here clear on both devices. They load the same. Me and wife do it all the time

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I tried clearing the cache the other night and it didn’t work. Still had a different map than my gf. In the last week, she got 2 t-rexes that i could not. It seems to happen with epics more often than other dinos because we’ve noticed it a bunch of times with other epics too.

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My son and I have that problem. At first I thought it was because he uses an iPhone and I use an Android. What I did to get around this bug is to connect his account to my Facebook account on my phone. Mine is connected through Google. So, If I see something on the map that he doesn’t, I log out and let him log in to his account on my phone via Facebook. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in reverse as I cannot log in to my account on his iPhone. I hate to have to do this because it makes everything take twice as long, but I see no other way to fix it. If he sees something that I do not, there is no way for me to get it.

I hope support chimes in soon.

Same and also have suply drops move all the time

My son and I also have this problem, clearing cache does’nt solve the problem for us. Also with spawns different dinos on the map. It takes some more running around. :grin:

I haven’t played on multiple devices but I do know that supply drops and tower locations have moved slightly but more importantly diminished starting about a month ago

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April 21

It does first hand experience here clear on both devices. They load the same. Me and wife do it all the time

Sorry to ask but my Englisch is not so good! By “clear”, do you mean unistall and reinstall?Thx

Support has chimed in that’s where I got my info from Jesus a simple search pulls it up

No you go into settings on your phone and select clear cache option

Did you clear and reset your hunnys phone cache too? Might have been you were seeing the updated map she was seeing old one


Same bug at me and my husband.
It’s really annoying that we don’t have the same Event Points :frowning:

Clear Cache on all devices has solved this bug for us.