Not to beat a dead horse, but is matchmaking really working

I’m trying to replace one incubator and have dropped 300 trophies so far trying to do it. I stopped. Logged out and decided to let it sit for a while before going at it again. I’ve attached a shot of my team and one of the random opponents I face. This is what I always go against and they are always 500-700 trophies higher than me. Granted they say trophies don’t count as heavily when calculating the matchmaking but something doesn’t seem right. But whatever, I’m just waiting to see what 1.8 brings so I can put this white elephant to sleep permanently or salvage my accounts and look forward to better gaming.


Nope. Matchmaking is total garbage.


I have been recently moved into Sorna Marshes and it seems like matchmaking is more polished than other arenas. I sometimes match up against boosted dinos and there are times I encounter a non boosted team. Pretty much has been a roll of the dice. I am in a 6 victory streak now. So I am not complaining

Interesting team. :slight_smile:

Just IMO, but you have some better dinos un-equiped regardless if they are a few levels lower.

Oh my bad, thats opponent list, lolz.

@JustAnUnknown I agree, matchmaking and arenas are wild indeed but taking a look at this… your team average is 23.625 and theirs is 22.5… you have a higher team average than they do, and from what Ludia has told us, it takes team average into the matchmaking process. So in reality this seems logical to be happening lol problem here is that your opponent has all meta relevant dinos while most of your team isnt, so that has quite a big impact on the outcome of the match.

Somebody correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:

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You can say that again about the big impact. The only thing I’ve done to my Thor is with health and attack. Whereas most I come up against went the speed route. If Ludia were to make any changes to appease the masses I can see them dropping the instant charge so it can’t do a double whammy. That would greatly help level the field. There’s no sense in adjusting the crit percentage since that follows no rhyme or reason. My Thor or Magna rarely put out a crit. But when I face either one I end up taking a vicious beating every time. Let’s dont forget the ugly rat either. I can see them removing the cleanse feature and it gets a two turn lock down like it’s cousin.

I’m guessing team average level has a far greater impact than rarity.
I overestimated rarity impact by a fair margin.
Thanks for sharing.

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Gathering what i can gather between mine and my kids accounts 4 total… rarity has little to no impact on match making… boosts has very little its all about team level.

In what world is matchmaking working properly. I am currently sitting in low aviary or upper Lockwood depending on win or loss streaks. My current trophy count is 4600 ish and I just faced someone at 3400. First off we shouldn’t even be able to be matched. Secondly their level 30 boosted indoraptor decimated my entire team.

For reference… My team

Opponents team…

We are both boosted. I am not max boosted as i didn’t buy every opportunity… How are these teams “evenly” matched???

How do you think the people who didn’t get to (or couldn’t afford to) buy any boosts feel?

With all due respect Gorilla that comes down to player choice. Every player that played fairly (not considering/ talking about those that exploited) had nearly the exact same opportunities (+ or - for sales ended early) for boost purchase. Some people chose to save hard cash some chose to spend real dollars… Some chose neither. If people chose neither they probably regret that decision in arena now. I probably would have bought the extra 10x25 also had I had the means to do so…

That point aside … And back to match making… How does my average 23-24 level team equate to the level 28 average that I fought. Also… How did we even get matched since he was 1200 trophies below at not at the “magic 4200 +” that can fight anything in Aviary.

100% unboosted. Before Boost were released, I was almost up to 5k trophies.

No, not really, no. But hey we will sort it out in this tourney.


That’s my hope too - Ludia’s last chance to get this right (and fix the problems caused by 1.7). I’m confident they will


Not working yet. I’m still matchmaking against people 600 trophies above me and winning 10 or losing 40 even with level or worse teams than them.

This morning I’ve done 20 battles all of which were above me in trophies and most of which were out leveling and boosting me.

The most trophies I won was 25 and every loss was over 30 except 1.

Also more and more 24-26 level teams are in the top 100, no offence to those players as they work in the system they are given, but what the…


Oh and one of those wins gave me 10 from a top 50 player, I’m not in t500 atm.

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