Not today Dracocera 😏

So I just had a Dracocera Lvl 23 tier 5 boosted swap in on my Carnotarkus (spiky cow) which had her shield up.

If this was 1.7 it would have done about 2700 damage give or take (not considering attack increase here btw) and killed my Carno.

Yet as of 1.8 the SS shows it only did about 1000 damage, and people are saying DC got a buff :rofl:

Has anyone else had a similar situation?



I still feel dc technically was buffed… yes tanks with shields negate alot of the swap in dsr… but the draco player knows this by now… well most apparently.

Unless your gonna keep a shielded tank up all
game which is unlikely their our still times while swaps ins are good.

Ive killed a tryko this patch by swapping in twice on it…

There are a group of dinos in which the swap ins arent that effective… but alot of them arent meta or used widely enough yet.

They basically just forgot about the nerf. Otherwise they would have used sth else and waited until you are in range to swap.

Both battles my opponent Swapped in and killed one of mine and Swapped out. So I predicted they are gonna Swap again.
I am really enjoying removal of DSR.
One battle was Friendly.

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Draco still got a buff, your opponent however did not! :wink:

Buff or not. Removing DSR is a good thing.

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