Not too shabby

I had 2 Mono DNA before the event. This came from my 6 attempts. I’m pleased. Definitely getting Monomimus. :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Great job! :clap: I got about 320 from 2 attempts so far. Not my usual best for this particular dino. :sweat_smile:

I have done 5 so far and leveled my monostego to 20, finished crafting monomimus and leveled to 17.
With one attempt left i should get him to 18

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Got my mimus ready to lvl to 20, just need coins. Get my Monostego to 20 dna from lvl 20… Sooo close

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Yeah I’m hoping to create and get at least one level. But that will depend on the mood of the RNG God’s. :rofl:

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I hallucinate with the ability to get DNA you have. I am at level 15 and I have VIP and I have never managed to go from 120 with an epic, 160 with a rare or 210 with a common. As I said in another thread, for me it is impossible to pass 8/9 attempts and the Monolophosauro from the 4 dart runs almost more than me with the pointer!

Congratulations !!!

Today is “the day of the chicken”, from now on chickens in all the battles :slight_smile: