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Not understanding Ludias logic

So with the boost reset came hopes of a more balanced arena and the chance to have more variety within the meta. Instead it seems that the growing norm is just to boost Thor and DC to ridiculous levels. Isn’t this just a repeat of when boosts were first released? like when Ludia had to do a reset and change how boosts worked so speed boosted Thors didnt just annihilate whole teams. yet here we are again.


Just because they gave people the option to, doesn’t mean they’ll take advantage. People are short-sighted and will “go with what works” because, heck, it worked in the past. The good thing (if there is one) is that if people are spending 20-30 boosts on a couple of dinos right now, there aren’t a whole lot left to go around.

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Ok but if there’s “not a whole lot left to go around” that still leaves most players at a disadvantage unless they had 20-30 boosts to begin with. It’s still just so unbalanced and matchmaking sucks. Then the players at the top just say “well now you’re in the arena that you’re supposed to be in” but that logic doesn’t make sense either. So bogus.

My vexus laught on thor and RAT face
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How you allocate your boosts and how you use your team determines where you should be. Its imbalanced because some players chose to use their 20 - 30 boosts on 1 to 2 dinos. This makes.them insanely hard to beat when they get their MVPs and fodder when they dont. These players spoil the fun for everyone even themselves



I changed my mind this week, have it in my team aswell.
Fun to use something different.

OP is right. It is a function of boosts. Wasn’t going to change, just not as bad as 1.0. Maybe.

Since the very first incarnation of boosts I have no idea how many were made available.

But I remember a couple of occasions very early on when there was mistakenly no limit on how many could be purchased, and a reset was done to try and abate the slaughterhouse the arena had become. Coupled with that, speed boosts were as powerful as the attack and health at the beginning.

So they reduced the impact of speed boosts, returned the hard cash, and allowed players to buy as many as they liked for a couple of days.

Take that and the fact that after months and months of at least twice a week being able to buy them, and the odd flash sale and you can soon see how some players will have more than enough to boost a good proportion of their team to high levels.

Us mere mortals who just bought them with in game cash we earned, and did the odd tapjoy, not to mention those who weren’t playing when the initial launch allowed for a massive purchase, and you will realise that there is not a chance of catching up.

So I suppose those who say we will all end up where we should be are right. However galling that might be, it makes sense. But, and this is the thing. It’s the fact that we will NEVER get the chance to catch up no matter what that sucks. Unless there’s another sale that allows for as many boosts as you want to purchase, how will it be possible? It simply won’t, so we have to accept that and get on with it.

If Ludia didn’t sell the boosts, what they could have done with it:
Once people reached lvl 30 on a creature, they’d get to use the extra DNA to pay for boosting 1 status, up to lvl 20, and the rest for a total of 10 (so that would be 30 stat boost equivalent, but it’s paid in DNA instead of boost items). This would not only give diversity but ensure that players would keep playing even after their whole team is at lvl 30 and they’d try to max out other stuff too at some point. Which might instead increase buying of scents and incubators because the DNA is important.
But that’ll probably never happen.


Yes, players can still super boost Thor and DC, but that leaves the rest of their team short on boosts. Without balancing boosts throughout their team, they are relying on Thor and/or DC being drawn for the battle which doesn’t happen all the time.

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I’m still encountering Thoradolosaur and Dracoceratops but nowhere near as frequently and they aren’t being over boosted either. It is making a refreshing change. I think players are having to balance out how and what they boost now.

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Problem is James, plenty of players bought enough to super boost their whole roster.

Remember that every tournament that wasn’t skill based was full if players who boosted commons, rares and epics just for the tourney. All those boosts will be on their team now.


I know this feeling.

Just Looking at my post about boosted dinos in 2.0

Some stuff is brutal. But aswell you can afford it if you have more boosts then average person.

There are still whales that will invest in every boost they can get their hands on.

Before it would cost 6,096 boosts (762 boosts per dinosaur) to take every dinosaur on a team to 7-7-7. Now it would be over 24,000 boosts (the max that can be spent on a team of level 30 dinosaurs) and it still would not be as strong as the aforementioned 7-7-7 dinosaurs. Many players that were willing to pay for the previous amount of boosts aren’t interested in investing 4X the amount of money. There are going to be far fewer players with full teams of super boosted dinosaurs.

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James, I have said exactly this time after time on here.
The devaluation has upset so many players who have simply deleted the game and gone.
I believe Ludia knew this would happen, hence the ai offering a more balanced fight now. After all as the player base reduces its far more likely we will be fighting ai much more often.
So not only will we see less players fully boosting their teams, we will see less players, period.

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They were already losing many players to the severely imbalanced battle arena caused by the boost system.

The boost system is still not perfect, but at least most battles now a loss doesn’t feel like you never had a chance. It’s one thing to lose a battle because you made a mistake or were just outplayed by your opponent, but to lose most battles because a player that could afford it could easily buy super boosted creatures to easily walk over the competition was frustrating and drove many away from the arena (which the rewards and DBI’s is actually an integral part to help in the building and leveling a team).

I have no argument with what you say, but the problem is this.
We had an item(boosts)that was worth x amount before the update.
The value or usefulness of that item was then appropriated by Ludia at a fraction of what it was before.
This applies to everyone, from those who had a handful to those who had hundreds.
The ones who suffer most are those at the bottom end as they now need 100 to boost just one level. Before the reset they needed 2. So they are the ones who will be upset more than the ones who had thousands to reappropiate.
They may have had all eight dinos at level 2 speed which would have cost 32 boosts.
It will now cost them 800 boosts to do the same.
So they are far more likely to uninstall the game and not play again.
Way more people leave a game after a few weeks or months than those who have been playing for ages. This is why I believe we will see a dramatic drop in players now.

I share this view.

And following the comment on the appstore, confirm this thought aswell.

Last week there where tons of new registrated players who told their story…

And with Ludias latest idea which reduces alliance rewards for lower level players, I can’t see it getting any better soon.

Sometimes I’m not sure Ludia even understands their own logic :man_shrugging: