Not unlocking dinosaurs after doing an event

Hello Ludia team,

After I complete an event which is supposed to unlock me a new dinosaur, It still says I havent unlocked it. This has happened a few times I do not remember them all. Was I supposed to unlock the toast (carnotaurus) after completing the stampede?

Thank you if you help me understand the problem (if there is one)


No, there is a different event for the unlock of carnotaurus. I believe it comes in a few weeks, when it’s rare unlock week.


As @Acrocanthosaurus mentions there are particular events to unlock certain creatures such as carnotaurus, you will need to wait for its earth shattering event and there will be an unlock symbol for said creature, any other event without this symbol wont unlock creatures.

The carnotaur stampede event was a special event for the release of the new CC series I believe, so it would only grant 1 copy.


I had an issue where I did not get the Dino I won in the lottery spin wheel

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If you want to know whether an event is an unlock or not, you can see the lock symbol on it.

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If the event does not have this symbol on it, you do not unlock the dino:



If you are talking about tournament (Shake the earth) events…. You don’t unlock dinos from those.


Yes you do, you can unlock it from shake the earth, CoT, and tourneys. For example shake the earth is an event unlock like spinosaurus.