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Not very happy


So I like other fellow JWA players, am extremely excited about the creatures featured in this weekend’s event.
I am aiming to unlock my tyrostronix. I went out for the specific reasoning with darting this dino only. Now. FOUR times that I have opened a hunt for him, I get to about 100 dna points, the scanner freezes and boots me out. Now they take my darts, but don’t give me the dna points and I’m pretty annoyed. I’ve been noticing nothing but an increasing amount of glitches since the update, oh and what’s with still not having alliance missions?

Erica Paige, dedicated player since the game came out, but growing very frustrated!


Contact support team about your issue


I’m new to this and thought that’s what I was doing lol how do I go about that?



U can also go to settings in game and go to help and support. U can contact them in game that way… both work


Tryo isn’t available to dart until Sunday though? Or is this happening with other dinos?


I was darting bary to unlock tyro lol

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