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Not what we intended for a coin sale

I know I’m not speaking only for myself here.

When customers have been asking for a coin sale for months now that we haven’t had. We were for sure not asking for a coin sale purchased with real money. I know myself as well as other members of my alliance and co-op were referring to coin sales using the hard cash/bucks, in game currency.

We used to have coin sales every few months or so it would seem. We could use the hard cash saved up and purchase some coins. We haven’t had one all this year and it’s been so long now that I can’t even recall the last one we’ve had.

I know support on the forum has acknowledged and said that they would relay the information of request. I guess we needed to be more specific?

What does everyone else think? Do you remember when we would have coin sales to purchase with hard cash? Do you remember them being more frequent?


i don’t remember when the last coin sale with HC was. I would prefer purchasing them with HC over buying them with real currency.


I swear we just had one like last week? It was for 4500 In game cash. Am I wrong?

Either way, this coin sale is an atrocity. It is pure and simple, the rich will get richer and the gap between paying players and non paying will grow


I’ve been checking everyday and haven’t seen one in months.

If there was one It was probably in VIP.


Yeah I’ve been saving up my green bucks waiting for own as well, definitely hasn’t been one in months


It was VIP

It’s funny how VIP gets coin sales but public doesn’t and support has said coin sales are not limited to VIP. Isn’t that messed up?

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I literally was so disappointed like seriously I waited after the cash cup and this what i got…rubbish. Luckily I spent just in the regular coin sales allowing me to lvl and unlock many new dinos into my dex

Crappy offer. Not gonna spend on this. Only spending a little on VIP and fip deal. Ooops, we have no fip deal😪


Thank you Ludia. I have been waiting for this. Already bought a few of the coin bundles and will buy more.

As soon as I saw “Coin sale!” on the ad window, I knew it was gonna be a let down.

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It’s stupid when VIP counts for nothing anymore. Its getting to the point that everything must be obtained with real cash instead of game cash you save up. Additionally, spawning has been unchanged for a long time even during a pandemic where we’re supposed to stay indoors. I’m tired of the same dinos locked to my area when using a giga scent. Ludia has done more to create more $$$ than improve the actual game. Sad thing is the “rich” players still fall like sheep.

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More profitable to make everyone pay real money, see those DinoBux you were gunna use on the coin sales may have been earned for free.

Cant have that :roll_eyes:


Well I know that lol but they used to give us coin sales for hard cash.

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