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Not your mother’s recruitment thread

With all the changes to the game and our alliance, we made a tough choice and @Heather and I have decided to leave Sand Dunes and strike out on our own. We have created a new alliance, Ubetjurassican, and are looking for new members. So much of what has kept us playing is the community aspect so we are looking for players who like to have fun, socialize, share memes, show us pictures of your food, spoil the latest episodes of our favorite shows…you get the picture. In order to maintain that community (and also discuss game related updates, successes etc) discord will be required. We also love those alliance rewards so if you’re active, a daily player, are willing to donate (irritator and baryG2! Jk…not really…okay jk but it would be cool), hit us up! You can message either of us, we will talk about you behind your back and decide together. Throw in some good jokes or a meme, let us know something about yourself, and your player and activity levels. Ready, set, GO!


Miss you both but wish you all the best


What you described is what I need right now and I have decided to join these two ladies.


So happy you’re joinung!

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Thank you Mizz! Happy to be here. Feel free to brag everyone you guys have forum celebrity: guy who got first forced name change here :clown_face:

Awww I miss coke a cola… good times

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What happened to sand dunes I spoke to hersh a few weeks ago and he left to go back to dunes so thought all was good

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Sand Dunes is still doing great. They are awesome. No drama. Mizz explained it on first post. But do you know who else is great? Well let me tell you: Ubetjurassican is brand new super awesome Alliance with everything you might need! There is this coca cola loving dude who is just the greatest.


I would but I love my alliance we’re toxic but fun … good luck with the alliance though

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Cokie :joy::joy::joy: yes we’re having fun for sure

Have you posted on the Facebook page jwa alliances it’s a decent place to find alliances and recruits

Not yet we havent but we are going to.

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In just a couple days we’ve grown to 17 members with more joining! Who wants to be lucky number 18?

Whoever is 18th to join gets to sit on my lap!

We have 24 members now. 25th to join gets a sensual dance from me!

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38 members now. 39th to join gets some good ol massage from me. I’ll use lots of baby oil. Oh boy, just think of what lucky 50th will receive.

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Are you actively trying to scare people away :joy::joy:

No my mothers recruitment thread would have cookies

Oh. I thought this would have totally opposite effect

Honestly are you sure you want the kind of alliance member that may attract… actually knowing you a little bit from here you prob do :eggplant:

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