Not your typical buff for tryostronix

So this is a dinosaur that I have said has needed a buff in the past and I still think so, but my opinion on the method has changed. I think the biggest possible buff this dinosaur could get, is the introduction of a unique based off of it. To tryo itself, I thought the health and attack needed to increase, but I think there is a much simpler and more balanced buff: increase speed by just 1 (for sneaky reasons…) and to change ferocious strike to ferocious impact. Some people have also suggested changing RTC to adrenaline surge, which also seems cool. I’m curious to hear what others think.

Just increase his HP and DMG and would be cool but idea of ferocious impact od good too, megalosuchus also needs a buff he maybe DS impact instead of critical and ferocious impact instead of strike


Everyone will 100% agree with you. Megalosuchus 100% needs a buff

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She doesn’t need a Unique, just an increase of her HP will do wonders. I have mine at level 24 and she went down far too quickly in a match.

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Her HP definitely and maybe as you said up her speed a bit I think someone might have already metioned change her ready to crush to adrenaline surge type move where she gets some life back or one where she inflicts some damage with it otherwise majority of the time she’s taken out before getting the chance to use it thinking about it HP probably would be the more balanced way to fix the problem

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I think it definitely needs some sort of buff…but personally haven’t figured out quite what that is. The speed increase would make a lot of sense…I’d be in favor of upping it to at least 122, if not 123, since both parents have a speed of 124. Though I think if it got the speed buff, giving it a health buff as well might put it a little over the top. So yeah, I’d go for one or the other, but not both (in the interest of trying not to make it OP). Personally, I enjoy RTC…timed right, with her native natural crit chance, she becomes a crit machine. One thing I’ve never understood is why she only has Armor Piercing Strike instead of Defense Shattering Strike as her basic move.

When tryo is equal level to other dinosaurs, it’s very powerful. It should however, have 124 speed so that it outclasses it’s predecessors.

124 speed makes sense so it’s not out sped by freaking Tragodistis. So dumb. He’s out sped by a tank! Or that raises the question whether Tragodistis speed should be lowered

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Well, technically, even if he was the same speed as Tragodistis, it wouldn’t mean he couldn’t still be outsped by Tragodistis depending on what level the two dinos were…

Exactly!!! That’s what would make it reasonable to do. Wouldn’t be unbalanced/unfair, just a matter of who has worked to get their respective Dino to higher level

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With the shortage of Postimetrodon dna, I’m about to kick Tryostronix off my team because she is deadweight at the moment. I’d be happy with either a speed or hp buff, both would be good but I would take either

Tragodistis is way easier to level than Tryostronix not may will have it higher. I’m sure there is an exception to the rule but it will be very uncommon.

I would be happy with a light speed buff, it would be handy if it was faster than Tragodistis.

Well, my Tryostronix is almost level 29, so there’s that :grin:

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Wow do you sleep at night? Ha. I bet you could have a level 30 Tragodistis if you wanted though right?

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rework rtc to provide maybe a 1 time short shield.

Nah, I don’t care for Tragodistis

I think this is an awesome dino…
I loved my Posty More because it was faster but instead of a buff, I think tryox need a unique

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Tryo’s not gonna a hybrid, considering it’s already at SuperHybrid status

Never say never ;), especially in an ever changing game early in its lifecycle :stuck_out_tongue: