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Notes going soon?

With having not anything last week will we hear of know anything today? If we don’t then I would say that it will be a pretty big update.


I believe the next update is the annual anniversary update and it will be huge and game changing.


I was also wondering when there will be the moses of thr next update…

When will be the annuleren anniversari then come?

Well if we not get it today or next week then i would say may 21st so we can have all new camp cretaceous species right along

24th of May

I’m guessing we’ll get them in two weeks

Yeah probably not today unfortunately

The game is under maintenance right now (as usual, no advance info about this), so maybe it’s a good sign…


Yes indeed i see it now… i hope on the notes or update very soon…

I hope! Maybe they would tell us why. @Ned any idea why we had this random maintenance?

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The fact that it’s unscheduled isn’t good though, or at least unrelated. At best they needed to fix something in an emergency, and may do the real maintenance on Tuesday anyway. At worst, doing maintenance today means there won’t be any Tuesday maintenance, or update.


epic occasion and next anniversary,noice

I hope there will be an update soon… at least it eill be nice im ready for a new update now…


I have a feeling the next update will be big, so hopefully it will satisfy people when it does come out. I just worry that some people won’t have the patience to wait for it.

It’s not a sign at all.

All it is really is that yet more issues with the game have been found.

i’ve only seen emergency maintenance go off for money related things. so i’m wondering who got hurt this time.





(10 letters)

I dont think they’re coming out today. I think they will probably come out sometime mid-late may : (

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