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Nothing but a Gold Medal

Antoine/Noah have a selfie of them wearing only the Gold Medal they get for winning the dog sled race. But after finishing Nina’s story, I didn’t unlock that selfie, even though I did everything I could to make the relationship meter go up. I unlocked every photo, always picked a gem option, and liked every comment.
I think Ludia need to re-rebalance the relationship meter, so it’s possible to get to the :heart: rank again.


I personally think it’s because of a double standard Ludia didn’t want to show a topless Nina, that or having Nina wearing a bra or most likely they weren’t thinking about that picture when releasing Nina

I don’t mind if they have to alter the images to make them appropriate for the app; that’s understandable. In all of the images where Antonie/Noah is topless in Nina’s version, she’s sufficiently covered whether she’s wearing something or there’s strategic placement of other body parts, so they could do it if they wanted to. Because if they’re going to make a female counterpart to male characters, they need to give the female character ALL the same image as the males. Otherwise, what’s the point?


I couldn’t have said better myself. I agree 100%

I matched with Noah and just like you said I did everything to make that meter go up and still didn’t get that photo. I saw it later on Wiki, after his storyline was finished, so my guess is it was added post-factum? Maybe as a bonus for another level-up?

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I reckon it must be a reward for reach :heart: rank. But since they reworked the relationship meter, it’s harder to get to that rank!

Same with me. Antoine was topped out on the meter and I never got it either.