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Nothing changed?

I left the game months ago, in 2020. Today I noticed that it’s April Fools day, so I came back just to check out the joke this year. And gotta admit that it’s really cool.

But I also checked what else happened when I wasn’t playing.

And the answer seems to be: nothing. Seriously, didn’t notice a single big change. Arena is just as bad as it used to be. You seem to act like it’s all fun and balanced. It’s not at all. An update as big as 2.0 was seems to be neccessary, really. You won’t fix this with little changes.

Idk if I’m going to stay. What I saw today doesn’t encourage me to do so


Well um, crit resistances aren’t a thing any more. Ummmm epic strike are on Tuesday now. And ya thats about it


Geolocation Creatures
300+ Achievements
Buffs to underpowered Hybrids
Continual Event Schedule Changes
Badges and Titles
Overhaul of Immunity
New Moves and Spawning Requirements

Somethings do still need work in the game such as the Arena and Speed Boosts, but it is incredibly ignorant to say nothing has changed. Also, no clue where you are looking, but barely anyone is saying that the game is balanced atm


The achievements are fun if you’re that kind of person.
But all in all the game is still very buggy and even more laggy than before.


They haven’t been gone that long, so they know about everything that happened in 2.0. The number of underpowered hybrids that were buffed is almost negligible in the grand scheme of things, especially since they’re all new and there’s only 2 of them (Antarctovenator was nerfed in their buff attempt, again classical Ludia messing up balance, oh and also the counter works counter-intuitively, doing less damage).

The rest had no effect on how enjoyable the biggest problem in the game (the arena) is. I agree that no one is saying the arena is balanced (lol) but since 2.0 they’ve just been sidestepping the big issues and adding sorta cool stuff that isn’t really going to draw in new players or stop fustrated ones from leaving.

The weekly event incubators, spawn lists and scents are also still outdated, Ludia is still messing random things up every week and all the usual stuff. So I think it’s fair to say that nothing has really changed in the grand scheme of things since after 2.0.


Don’t forget they are cramming even more on to the map, also cramming in longer lists like achievements generally making loading some screens a laggy nightmare.

They never touch the actual arena or performance issues. Probably because they have no clue how to fix it as it is too late.


My point isn’t about how enjoyable it is. Personally, I’m more invested in the game rn than I ever been because I personally love collecting achievements and its making me want to complete the Dinodex.

My point is that it’s ignorant to say nothing has changed, simple as

Of course something has changed lol. But none of these changes is actually important and game-changing. Was expecting much more to happen in such a big period of time

Yeah, receiving loads of achievements for free was one of the most laggy moments I ever experienced in JWA.