Nothing EVER in my neighborhood


Makes it pretty difficult to play when I’m at home when nothing but a single common, same type, ever spawns anywhere near my neighborhood. Its always the same damn common dino once every hour.


Bummer, I got an Epic T-Rex a few nights ago stomping around my house. I had to make sure I got him fast, didn’t want him to destroy the 'hood, yah know?


Can’t suspect to see what you want when your at your house, this game requires you to go out to maximize your dna. Or just pvp at home to earn DNA. Spawns while your at home should be infinitesimal to this games criteria.


The problem is that it’s my entire neighborhood, as the title of the post states. In rural areas its pretty hard to always have a cell signal. Anything less than full bars and you cant connect to this game. So once in out of wifi range, any suggestions on how to proceed?


Wil_bri_burns is right. Before the new updates and migration there was alot more spawn of dinos in surrounding areas just a lack of variation unless you went to another city.

Its no wonder players resort to spoofing. (I aint justifying cheating) I am just saying there are many players who feel this way but cant be bothered to speak up as its just a phone game at the end of the day. Heck the game boy games where more complex in battle nature. Its frustratin that a big part if the mechanics of this game come down to luck.


Actually it’s the opposite they even said they were increasing spawns in the patch notes. I can farm plenty of epics a day. But certainly don’t waste my time in residential areas cause they lack the strong cell data. I normally stick to public places, i also drive at night lol. But doing so can net me 10+ epics a day


Yeah I do see more epic spawns for sure but the main dinos seem to be in park areas but as you noted going for a drive seems to be the best option if you dnt mind stopping and starting all time


What is the common that spawns?