Nothing for something

This morning I paid $20 for in game cash to buy the speed boosts. I got a text message saying the game accepted my money and I got 0 cash. Nothing. I reloaded the game, zero. So I put in a ticket, 8 hours ago. No response. This is how you treat paying players? This is the treatment you give your revenue stream? I have made several transactions but what do you think my future transactions will be? The lack of support was previously inconceivable to me. Buyer beware giving this game your money.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the in-game cash that you purchased, @Elpezman. Please rest assured that our team is working as quickly as possible to get back to everyone who needs help, and once they get a chance to see your message, they’ll be sure to help you with your issue ASAP.

I appreciate your response, Ned. But at this point I have yet to be contacted and I lack all confidence. This experience has put an immediate cease to any future purchases. I expect a delay in resolving gameplay issues but in matters concerning money I expect a serious commitment to service which has not been shown in the slightest. Not that I believe this company cares about me as a customer but you can report higher that a paying player is now free to play.

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I can definitely understand and see where you’re coming from. :sweat: Again, I would like to apologize for the delay.

Sadly, we don’t have access to our team’s procedures here on our end so I can’t say for certain when our team will respond, but they are working as fast as they can and will try to get back to you soon.

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Pretty crazy, Ned. Over 5 days and still not so much as a Hello.

Hey Elpezman, could you send me a private message on the forums of the email address you used to contact our team or your support key? I could try and take a look for you. Thanks!