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Nothing like learning on the fly


Could this explain why things are the way they are? I think that “ongoing training” is falling a bit short…


Yeah i read this a few weeks ago and it does put some perspective on things… but do some research on the google maps platform and youll understand why they swapped engines halfway during development.

Spoiler is the google map platform simply isnt a map with info…their is biome info automatically fed so if ludia wanted certain biomes to enhance spawns its like plug and play. Google recently added ai path finding so Ludia could have a trex chase us for fun.

Even strike towers and supply depot locations are supplied by google.


Also to add my favorite part of the article is how the Ludia people talk about how much more stable the unity engine is then the one they were originally building for this game…

This game has always been most unstable app on my phone making early axcess titles on both my phone and my pc look like AAA releases.

To think they were building an engine that crashed even more then this app already did…