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Nothing new really


Y play whit al kind of combinations, in low levels theres tons of strategy than the game waste, i know about big jaws meta and is start to boring, almost try bleed and now the swamp feel like fresh wind, but at last the meta still be the same, love legendary (hate uniques, just collext them) 4500 was my regular rank, now at 4200 y face indo 26 thora 25 and tryko 24 all the time, play as tank meta become imposible, thats why i post some solutions, we need more leagues like legendary epic and rare leagues for build an especific group of dinos and use all the potencial of this game, revamp ur uniques to make them playables then revamp crocs.

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I do agree with you on limited scope tournament.

I disagree with the changing of uniques. I would rather see non unigue get Biff’s to keep relevant


Only change or revamp useless uniques like the croc or the new flyers to make more biger roster