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Nothing on my map



Hi Ludia! Just have a quick question. Before the updates, there use to be strike event battles that would come up in my vip ring, usually at least two or three. There are also none of the green supply boxes in the ring when there were usually one or two. Normally I’d just go drive around, but today I start intense medical treatments each week for six weeks. I won’t be able to go out much dino hunting. Is there anyway to fix this? I followed all the trouble shooting steps for nothing on my map, but it hasn’t helped. I mean we’re talking the nearest battle strike events are like a mile away. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. I’m the leader of my alliance, and don’t want to let my team down just bc I’m going through some health issues and treatments. Thanks Ludia for any advice! I just want to be able to play my game:)

It’s just the transition period. Anything that doesn’t stay up for multiple days/gets taken down for something new goes away at 9am EST. The new stuff will go up at 10am EST.

No it’s been everyday all day this week since Monday. It’s not the lag period in the morning.